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Jan 16, 2008
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Hi all,

I am knew to the work of Home Brewing, and am currently 6 days into my first attempt. I have decided to blog my progress, partly as a record for myself of what I did, so that I might make changes and improve on it in the future, but also for others to read.

It would be tremendously helpful to get some observations/comments/tips on what I have done so far from people with more experience, either on here, or directly on the blog through comments.

If anyone is willing to have a quick glance and give their opinion on what I have done well and badly so far, I would be really grateful. My blog is:

Thank you,

So where you from? I'm presuming UK somewhere cause of the Tesco Sainsbury references?

I 've tried using the Coopers kits and if the instructions in the mutons kit are as basic as those in the coopers you need to start reading up here. The method you used seems preety right. Ideally you should have taken a starting gravity. I didn't myself and I was well pissed-off that I didn't know the ABV while I was drinking it.

Good luck and enjoy the hobby...
Thanks for the reply. I am from Southampton, UK. Munton's instructions are very simple but seem ok, except for saying bottle after 7 or 8 days which seems way to early.

I didn't receive my Hydrometer until 3 or 4 days into the fermentation, so I didn't have that option. I'm not overly fussed, but I will take the early reading with the next brew, just so I know.

Thanks again.