First starter and a bit of a mess

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Dec 2, 2007
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Boise, ID
So I have given this yeast washing thing out. Seemed to have done everything right decanted all the beerish liquid and pitched it into a wort that was 3.2 oz DME in 750 ml H2O. I had separated the yeast into four pint jars, after they settled I combined the 4 to make 2. According to MrMash I needed 125 ml yeast slurry. Said and done put it all into an old Looza juice jar and viola..............

Freakin volcano, this is 45 MINUTES! after the pitch, WTF mate..
Cultured from wyeast Kolsch #2565

any Ideas why this went in 45 min? Took me by surprise I was thinking a day or two

this is Wed. night, not brewing until Friday, I can just swirl it back up then right?

Yep that is business as usual. Nice starter, your brew will be so happy.
That Kolsch strain is a farkin animal. Look what it did in my carboy.

But yeah, looks like you need more headspace, especially with a conical container (i.e. less and less volume as you go up)
just for a point of reference, I get anywhere from 3-5 jars of yeast from a 5 gallon batch when I wash it. each of those jars is at least as much yeast, probably more, than a white labs vial.

so its not surprising it blew off like that, considering the lack of headspace.
don't use anything smaller than 1/2 gallon jugs for starters.