first pressure ferment - which yeast would you use?

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Dec 1, 2008
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hi i am going to attempt my first pressure ferment. i have liquid 2565 , i have two packs of 34/70, if i wait a week i will have llalemand kolsch cake from my last kolsch

i have notty also.

i have the grains and hops to brew lagers kolsch or ale. which would you choose to pressure ferment. i am leaning towards the 34/70 in a lager but considering the the kolsch cake. i am reluctant to pitch 2565 under pressure

any advice is appreciated.
Another vote for 34/70! I wouldn't think you'd want to pressure ferment a kolsch; you'd lose the characteristic yeast profile.
Thanks from another post it looks like I am going to go with 1 pack of 34/70 at 12 psi at 70 degrees.

4.5 gallons.
8.5 lbs Pilsen
.5 lbs Munich light
1 oz Peale at 60
1 oz hal mit at 5

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