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Aug 13, 2007
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OK, so I have a converted chest freezer with 2 ventmatic faucets connected with 3/16 beer line 6ft long at 12-13psi. Everything is inside the kegerator and the lines are elevated above the kegs. No leaks. First keg no problems. After that no matter which keg I pour from I have to fill a glass half way with foam dump it and then I can pour a nice glass. It's fine if I pour more than one at a time but if I walk away for 30 minutes(if that) and pour a new glass same thing happens. I have tried just about eveything I can think of. Suggestions?
A lot of people have problems with the lines in the tower and the faucet warming up. The 1st pour chills everything down and the second pour is fine. This can be solved by rigging a fan in your tower. This may not be your problem, but it is a very common one.
Thanks for the response, and I have seen that suggestion before but I do not have a tower. Faucets go through the 6inch collar I made for the kegerator. The collar is an inch and a half thick. The temp sensor is halfway up the height of the kegerator. Do you think it is possible that the temp diff between the top where the collar is and the location of the sensor is that great that I would need a fan to circulate the air inside the kegerator. Maybe I should move the temp sensor up to the top?
Nah, you're just getting some of the CO2 out of solution that fills the line. Once you flush that out on the first pour of the day, you're fine. I, like many others, keep a slop cup handy. Simply discard the first 2 oz.

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