First Peroni clone lager recipe!

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Nov 20, 2015
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Hey guys this is my first time making a lager and a yeast starter. I laid out the entire recipe and steps needed to brew this clone. I will bring this to my local HBS and see if they have any recommendations or suggestions. But overall i am looking for feedback pertaining to this recipe if you guys suggest anything. Here it is!

Peroni Clone "Percloni" (Lager)

Original gravity should read: 1.051 = 5.1% ABV


Steeping Grains
7 lbs Crushed lager malt (maybe Pilsen based malt like Avangard or Stonepath pilsen)
125g Crushed crystal malt = 0.27 lbs (Maybe 10L?)
750g flaked maize = 1.6 lbs

Extract & Sugars: LME DME Amounts will vary depending how alcoholic you need it
Which to use? Breiss pilsen light? How much? One can?

1oz Magnum
1.5oz Saaz

Boil Water

Pilsner lager yeast/European lager yeast/ WLP800 Pilsner Lager yeast

Lets Begin

1-3 days before brew day make a yeast starter

-OG of starter 1.036
-Boil 2L of water with 7.2oz of DME for 15-20 min
-Bring the entire flask of starter-wort down to room temperature.
-Pitch 1 sanitized vial/pack yeast directly into the flask or fermenter.
-Place flask onto stir plate for 24-48 hours and directly pitch into primary on brew day unless clarifying in fridge

Brew day (Partial mash)

Take Yeast Starter out of fridge (unless left on stir plate at room temp)

Place all grains in Muslin Bag

Heat 3.5 gallons of water to 148-155 degrees

Steep Grains between 148-155 Degrees for 60 min

Sparge grains using water no higher than 170 degrees

Bring to a boil

Add all DME or LME + solids (start of 60 min boil)

Hop Additions

1oz Magnum (60 min)
.5oz Saaz (30min)
.5oz Saaz (15min)
.5oz Saaz (Flameout)

When boil is complete

-Chill Wort in an ice bath or snow bank
-Pour wort into cold water and chill to 48 degrees (top bucket off to 5 gallon mark)
-Take gravity reading
-Cool starter down to same temp as wort 48 degrees
-Pitch yeast into chilled wort (48 degrees)
-Stir vigorously
-Place wort in chamber and let naturally rise to 55 degrees in chamber over the next 12 to 36 hours and held there for the duration of your primary fermentation
-Maintain 55 degrees and ferment at this temperature until final gravity reading is the same 3 days apart
-When primary fermentation is complete or close to completed raise temp to 65-68 for dialectal rest for 3 days
-Transfer into secondary and cold crash at 35 degrees for 3-10 days

When all steps are complete transfer to a bottling bucket clean/sanitize Keg and transfer.
It sounds like you are pretty close to an all grain recipe, you probably need only a lb or so of dme. I would boil for 90 min with Pilsen malt to get rid of possible DMS. You may need a bigger yeast starter if the yeast is not close to 100% viabilty (use the Brewers friend free yeast starter calculator). I would definitely cold crash the yeast for at least a day or 2 and decant the beer, that is a lot of stale beer to add to a low volume of very light beer. You will need to oxygenate the wort before pitching the yeast especially for big beers and lagers (vigorous splashing, aquarium pump or pure oxygen, which is the best) You should probably diacytel rest before the end of fermentation or the yeast will be done and not able. I would cold crash slowly so you don't shock the yeast, causing any off flavor so. Below is a link to a great website with a popular lager schedule. Good luck on your first lager.