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Jan 8, 2013
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Twinsburg (Cleveland Southeast)
Tonight I brewed 5 gallons of Best Bitter (Modified BIAB with Sparge). I'm not entirely sure how, but I somehow ended up way over my gravity - I had 6.75 gallons of wort preboil at the gravity I was expecting postboil. Best guess is that I used an extra pound of base malt - I decided to use Brewtoad to help make the recipe, and I didn't double-check against my own back-of-the-envelope calculations. [See footnote below.]

After removing a gallon of wort of replacing with extra water, I had a gallon of 11* Plato wort and didn't want to dump it down the drain, and I already have a gallon or two of frozen starter wort. So I added a couple more gallons of water, steeped half a pound of Crystal 60* at 150* for half an hour, and made 3 gallons of a Session IPA - something like 21st Amendment's Bitter American, I'm hoping.

I'm going to be super annoyed if this ends up being one of the best brews I've ever done, since I have no idea how to replicate this batch if I wanted to!

Here's my grainbill:
  • 9lb Munton's Maris Otter
  • .5lb Munton's Medium Crystal (~60L)
  • .25lb Crystal 120
  • .25 Dark Amber Malt (home roasted 2row)
  • 1.6 oz Special Roast
  • 1.4 oz Victory

Target OG was 1.046 for the Best Bitter, which I hit perfectly after diluting preboil. Repitching US04 from previous batch.

Hops for the Best Bitter:
  • .25oz Magnum (14.7%) at 60
  • 1oz US Goldings (4.4%) at 60
  • 1oz "" at 15
  • .5oz "" at 0min
  • 1oz "" Dry Hop for 1 week.
Approx. 31 IBU

For the American Bitter, I added 2lb Golden LME (Briess), for OG of 1.043 (was going for 1.040, but I'll take it).

Hops for the American Session IPA:
  • .22oz Magnum (14.7%) at 60
  • .2oz Columbus (15.4%) at 15
  • .25oz each Centennial and Cascade at flameout, waited 15 minutes before chilling.


My back-of-the-envelope calculations for gravity are very simple, but seem to match my system very reliably.

I take my desired post-boil gravity (in this case 1.046, or 46 gravity points), multiply by number of desired postboil gallons (in this case 5.75), and divide by 28 PPG. In this case I get 9.45, which rounds up to 9.5 pounds of grain. Brewtoad told me to use 10.5lb, which I shouldn't have believed... and would account for the extra gravity I got.