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Sep 2, 2007
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Covington GA
I got my kegs delivered yesterday and after spending a lot of time cleaning and testing and sanitizing I was able to pour my first draft homebrew! :rockin: I force carbonated it and poured myself a glass, I was thirsty. It was foamy and not as carbonated as it should be but it was only in the keg for a hour and I was shaking it before. It was cold though, I placed the carboy in the kegerator a day before. Now I'll just have to wait, but that first beer was a tasty brown winter ale with orange peel and cranberry.

I had a problem with one of my kegs though, there was a leak at the bottom of the gas in post. I had bubbles flowing from under the handle. Of course it was the best looking keg. I also had a gas disconnect that was deformed and looks like it will blow apart if I hook gas to it. I called the place where I got them and they are sending out another keg and a new disconnect on Monday. He said they usually don't warranty the used kegs but he'll send me a another anyway. Now if anyone is looking for kegs or anything else I gotta say give a try. They are in Huntsville AL and the shipping on 5 kegs was only $18 and my stuff got here the next day. The pin lock kegs were $19.50. After their great service I will surely purchase from them again.