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Feb 6, 2013
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Thought I would share some thoughts for my Inaugural beer tasting event.
I had 10 friends over (9 drinkers) for some beer sampling to show them that there is more to life than “Bud”. Everyone had 4 oz glasses and sheets describing each beer.
You might think that my beer sequence was a bit weird but we did have dinner and palette cleansers throughout.

Beer 1:
Reverb imperial pilsner - Smokestack Series, Boulevard Brewing
Served this one first as I thought it would be easy for everyone to enjoy. Unfortunately, as a group we were not impressed (considering that this had won some tasting medals)

Beer 2, 3, 4 (served together):
Eye of the hawk, Mendocino Brewing
Ill tempered Gnome Winter Ale, Oakshire Brewing
Boulder bend Dunkelweizen, Levenworth biers, Fish Brewing

Turned out these beers provided a range of flavours. Most preferred the Ill tempered Gnome but agreed that it wasn`t something we would drink in warmer weather.

Beer 5, 6, 7
Belgian Abbey ales from St. Feuilien (Blond, Brune and Triple)
Lots of comments that the Blond and Triple had similar taste profiles. As a group of beers, everyone was able to find one of these that they really enjoyed

We had a break for dinner at this point (wings, pizza, homemade goat cheese, and crackers)

Beer 8 (with dessert)
Lambic Belgian Kriek, Brouwerij Lindemans
This was a surprise as I had never had one before. Was listed as `Dangerously Good`. We had to be careful not to drink the whole bottle. Even the non-beer drinker tried it as was surprised at how easy drinking it was.

Beer 9, 10
Ruination IPA, Stone Brewing
90 minute imperial IPA, Dogfish head craft brewery
Personally, my 2 favourite beers but classified as undrinkable by more than one at the party. This meant more for me!!

At the end of the night there was a distinct line on who preferred a malter beer versus one that was hoppier.
Everyone is looking forward to our next tasting.

I've attached the sheets that everyone had while tasting.


View attachment BeerTasting Descriptions- Feb 8, 2013.pdf