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May 28, 2008
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Tonight I brewed my first home brew. Canadian Blonde.
Brought 2 gallons to boil, took off heat to mix extract, brought back to boil. took off heat and gave ice bath, brought temp down to 70, put in fermentor and added water until it got to the 5 gal mark, added hydrated waiting...After 7 days, or fermentation is stopped, syfin to 2nd fermentor for 7days, then bottle, and cool for 2 weeks....

second brew:
Black Cherry Ale

6 1/2lbs light malt extract
3 quarts black cherry juice
first flavor 1 oz hallertau (4aau)
aromatic 1/4 oz cascade (1aau)
1 teaspoon irish moss
2 teaspoons gypsum
1 package dried ale yeast
4 1/2 oz corn sugar for carbinations

I'm not too sure how to brew this...this is the recipe, and I think this is how its done, correct me if i'm wrong:
bring 2 gallons to boil, take off heat and add extract, bring back to boil...boil for 60 minutes, add hallertau at the start of the boil, at 5 minutes left add gypsum, at end of boil, add black cherry juice, give ice water bath to around 75 degrees, transfer to fermentor (trub) add water (65 degrees) to fill to 5 gallons, add hydrated yeast, cover and wait for about 7 days...check gravity settlement, then bottle...let bottles set for 3-4 weeks...

alright as you might have realized...I AM A NEW BREWER....Please tell me what i'm doing wrong, what i should change...PLEASE...


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Aug 8, 2006
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Manor, Tx
I'd skip the gypsum.......

Also, think about adding the juice to secondary instead of into the'll get a lot more flavor out of it that way :D


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Jun 4, 2006
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UP/Snowbird in Florida
I'd also lose the gypsum (unless your water profile is such that you absolutely need it) and you also forgot to mention when to add your second hops. You can add the cascade when you turn off the flame.

I've never used juice in a beer, so I can help you there.

One question I have is about your first beer- you said you'd bottle, then cool it. I just wanted to make sure you planned on keeping the bottles at room temperature at least three weeks before cooling them.