First brew questions (i know... this again)

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Nov 12, 2007
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So my hefe has been bottled for aprox. 2 weeks now. The first few they I couldn't keep my newbie hands off of, tasted pretty good. this was like 7 days after bottling. Now that its week 2 after bottling I am detecting some "off flavors" that weren't present for the first one (or three) that I initially tried.

I guess the best way to describe it, is a crisp "bite" when i take a drink. I'm going to assume that this will mellow out over time, but the question is, is it normal for it to develop off flavors during bottle conditioning like this?

The beer still tastes pretty good, and I am very proud of it. I was just wondering if this kinda thing is normal?

I'm sure i'm just being a worried newbie and its still just green.
What was the IBU of the brew you made?

The only thing I can think of is you still had some residual sugars from priming and they are starting to disappear and now the bitterness of the hops is coming through. They will mello over time though.
If it had been "like 7 days" and not even a full week when you tried the first few, you probably did need to just let them carbonate properly and then condition in the fridge for a week before you tried them. Even my IPAs taste sweet and have no bite when I try them during bottling.

Also, depending on your bottle-cleaning methods, it's possible to have "off" bottles. Give another few a try.
I've brewed 4 batches thus far. The first batch sucked after 7 days and was slightly better at 10-14. At three weeks it wasn't bad and had improved a lot. A couple of weeks later and it was pretty good although (to me, not others) it had a weird after taste. My second and third batches were pretty good after 10-14 days but very different and very good after 5 weeks.
My latest batch reminded me of the first after 10 days. At three weeks it wasn't much better and the same at 4 so I was giving up hope. At 5 1/2 weeks the beer changed completely and was damn good! I no longer pay much attention to the three week thing other than "that's when it starts becoming beer."

Although I know many have had great beer in less time..........I haven't

Let em' sit
You will be amazed at how the flavors develop in the bottle over time. As others have said, 7 days is definately very young. Priming with corn sugar takes at least 10-14 days in the bottle. If you practice restraint and have some patience, you'll find that one day that beers flavors just start to click. Wait at least the two weeks, then taste one every few days until they tell you they're ready.

This is the toughest part at first, but gets easier when you have 12 cases of your homebrew stashed away. Although...i do just HAVE to taste one at that 14 day mark to see how the boys are doing.

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