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Aug 29, 2016
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Good day all,
So I'm about to do my first brew on my Kal clone 20 gallon brewing system.

Where i work they thanked me for all I have done during Covid by buying me a lot of brewing ingredients.

I will list them and hopefully get your feedback on what I should brew. I am wanting to do a pale ale/IPA to start ( For a real good friend, he prefers west coast styles), and see what other ideas you guys can come up with for the brews after the first one. Here goes.
10lb Bairds marris otter 2.5l-3.5l
5lb crisp Gleneagles Marris otter 3.5l
5lb Weyermann Vienna malt 3.5l
5lb flaked oats
1lb caramel 50
1lb chocolate
1lb dark malt
1lb roasted barley
1lb Weyermann carafa special type 1.

1lb Mosaic 17.5% 2019
1lb AU Galaxy 17.7% 2020
1lb Cascade 6.3% 2019
1lb Centennial 8.2% 2019
0.5 lb Citra 12.6% 2019
0.5lb Sabro 19.5% 2019
0.5lb HBC 472 7.7% 2019
0.5lb El Dorado 12.7% 2019

Omega hot head
Omega Kveik Hornindal.
I also have 3 vials of Hanson WLPO75 But a year old


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Oct 22, 2012
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Hill Country
Try a SMASH of Marris Otter and Mosaic. You'll love it. It will also give you an opportunity to appreciate the individual components.
For 10 gallons, use 22 lbs grain.
If you want a little more head and body, you could add 1 lb of Carapils, but you don't have that, so don't worry about it.
Step mash... spend 15 minutes at 130, 15 minutes at 140 and an hour at 148. You'll build body that way.
For hopping, 1.5 oz @ 60 minute, .5 @ 30, 1.5 @ 20, 1.0 at whirlpool (under 180*).
70* fermentation with SO5.
7%, 62 IBUs.

Thank me with a bottle :)