FIRST BATCH! (plastic taste?)

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Jan 10, 2008
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Hi, drank a 6 of my first batch ever, an amber ale made from grain and extract. Fairly standard I think.

I used a kit from a seemingly very reliable homebrew store.

One week in the 5 gallon bucket, then i siphoned into a secondary fermenter for another week.

Bottled, sat for two weeks.

There is a very distinct plastic aftertaise.

Everything was cleaned and sanatized very thoughly. Everything was from the kit except for the siphone, I bought a pump siphone from the hardware store with about 6 feet of tubing.

I did read that it may be because I did not use food grade equiptment, but I'm confident I did, excpet for perhaps the hardware store siphone.

Any idea what it could be?
I would vote for the siphon. More than likely it was not meant to be used for food. Go buy an autosiphon and some more tubing, those things are awesome. Also, those flavors might diminish over more time, leave it for another week or so and see how it tastes. Then again, it could be something else. Who knows.
I've had that problem once and it turned out to be the new tubing from Home Depot. Try soaking the tubing in some sort of detergent or PBW preferably. The problem went away after the soak.
My guess is your water. Did you use bottled or treated water. Typically a hose that has been cleaned and sanitized will not offer that trong of a flavor or aroma.

I have made severall now. Cleaned, checked and double checked. Only other thing I can go back to is I am using my local water from tap unfiltered.:tank: