First batch Mead, help.

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Mar 31, 2017
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Started with 6lbs of Orange Blossom, 3 gallons of water and WLP720 (white labs sweet Mead). SG of 1.144, seems high. Don't know if I got a bad reading or what. No activity for 3 days, so I added about 30 raisins. Activity was good after that but not like beer like I was expecting. 20 days later I transfer to secondaries (I know too soon but I needed the carboy for my beer secondary). I took another reading and got 1.032, about 14%. Is this possible?
Moved to bottling bucket and added another 24 oz of honey, then divided up into 3 gallon jugs. One raspberry, one blueberry and one ginger. I also added some bread yeast because I was worried about my readings.
Does anyone know the honey to water formula for a overall ABV estimate? I have seen it on here but can't find again.
When I tasted it from the bucket it was really sweet, maybe because of the added honey. Just seemed like 14% is wrong for the taste and amount of time fermenting.


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Feb 5, 2017
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Waukesha, WI
Did you add 6lbs to 3 gallons of water, or did you add water to 6 lbs of honey to make 3 gallons? One lb of honey per gallon is a bout 35 gravity points, so your 2 to 1 (lbs to gallon) should have gotten you about 1.070 of an Original Gravity.
Raisins are not yeast food.
Mead does not ferment like beer. There are no proteins, so no krausen.