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Feb 23, 2009
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Did my first boil on 3-15. SG was 1.042 at 73deg. Last 2 days fg was 1.0115, so today I racked to my secondary, a glass carboy. If I understand things correctly I must add one deg to the starting Sg because of the temp. It climbed to 78degs in the first 24 hours then dropped to 63degs for the last 7 days. There was not as much trub as I expected. I used an extract kit. Midwests Big Ben Pale Ale. It tasted good but not as hoppy as I thought it would.
My next two kits should be here tommorrow, where is that Fedex driver?
Things went quite well overall. Now to get the pipeline running.
Next will be Midwest kits Excelsior Altbier and a Sierra Pale Ale ( a Serra Nevada pale Ale Clone. Has anyone brewed these?
Thanks for all the help and invaluable information freely given here.