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Mar 17, 2009
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Continental Pilsner
3.3 lb light LME
2 lb light DME
12 oz steeped Crushed Dextrine Malt (Pils)
1 oz Sterling hops
1 oz German Traditional hops
1 oz. German Spalt Select hops
German Liquid Yeast (came in a tube, pitchable at room temp.

Brew day was Saturday 3/14. Ended up with 4 gallons (will never do that again, maybe :)). OG was 1.050. Test yesterday 3/19 was 1.010. With the brewcalc it said at the temps that OG was 1.053, and teh SP now is 1.011. I drank the sample I took to test, and WOW!

Switching to secondary if readings stay steady today and tomorrow. If it tastes this good now, I cant wait until they are conditioned. Man alive this is gonna be good.

Thanks to you guys I had no fears doing this. RDWHAHB!