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May 16, 2019
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I’m thinking about trying a 2 part step mash on a 2.5 gallon Czech pills using
Pilsner malt and a touch of carapils.
Recipe calls for
first rest at 145F for 20 min
Second rest at 154F for 30 min
Mash out at 168F for 10 min then batch sparge at 168F as normal to reach boil volume .
Due to not knowing how much boiling water to add to a 5 gal. Igloo ( round) to hit the temps I was thinking I might dough in (in the cooler) at 145F for the 20 min then dump everything into boil kettle on the stove heat&stir till I hit 154F then dump back into the cooler for the 30 min rest then add enough boiling water to hit the 168F mash out temp for 10 min.
Drain to kettle Then sparge at 168F until needed volume is reached .
probly be easier to just do everything in the kettle on the stove but I’m worried about losing temp during the rest periods.
Is it even worth it to do a step mash in the first place ??

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Aug 10, 2020
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There are calculators out there to tell you how much hot water to add to up the temp. You basically figure water's a touch over 8lbs per gallon, add your water weight to your grain weight, and arrive at a total... it's not "mass" but let's call it that. Then you are doing a basic ratio thing to see how much additional mass at a boiling temp is needed to raise it to the next target.

I'd say go for it, shouldn't be that difficult... This is the link I use. Pretty self explanatory. Mash Infusion and Rest Schedule Calculator - Brewer's Friend
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