First 5G Wifi Meat Thermometer on Market

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Sep 25, 2014
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:popcorn:First Launch! :popcorn:

The first 5G Wifi Meat Thermometer will be released on May 25, 2023

Compatible with 5G wifi & 2.4G wifi​

Dual connection: Wifi & Bluetooth 5.1

Please stay tuned to be expected.​

image (2).png
I’m curious to see what functionality is lost if using this thermometer as a stand-alone (not connected to phone) unit. From what few app reviews I’ve read, the Inkbird app appears to be like many other IoT apps—demands more personal user info than necessary.
I love that one, I use the wifi all the time. I can be at work or out shopping and keeping an eye on the meat temps.
I sometimes have the whole bradley smoker on a smart outlet too, so once I hit my target temps I can remotely turn off the heat portion of the smoker.

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