Fine tuning cream stout - aftertaste

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Nov 14, 2007
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Grand Rapids, MI
I made a cream stout meant to be somewhat over the top sweet. It came out good and other people seemed to like it, but I'm dissatisfied with the aftertaste. It is sacharrine sweet and lingers for a while. I would rather have it finish cleaner.

It was an all grain batch with munich as a base malt and a good dollop of lactose.

Some of my thoughts: 1) Too high alpha-acid hops (even though I used only a small amount, they were nugget -- yeah I know, but it was the peak of the hop crunch). 2) Too much sulfate (79 ppm) 3) Too much sweet stuff

I'd like to keep most or all of the sweet but get rid of the aftertaste. I would very much appreciate any tips anyone has.