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I've been promoting this giveaway through our social channels, but I wanted to let you all know that there's a giveaway in it's final days being held over at Brewer's Friend and I don't want you to miss out.

If you don't know Brewer's Friend, it is a system of calculators and recipe development software to help with your brewing.
There's also a recipe calculator, ABV Calculator, Hydrometer Adjustment Calculator, Yeast Pitch Rate Calculator, A Brix Converter, and more. Everything you need to brew a successful beer!

The giveaway is to celebrate the addition of some new features. If you haven't visited Brewer's Friend in a while, we have added the ability to include photos, and new search that makes finding recipes a snap.

To get entered into the giveaway all you have to do is add an image to one of your existing recipes, or upload a new recipe with an image.
Everyone who does so will be entered into the running for a free Critter Cutter Bottle opener, and 1 year of supporting membership on BrewersFriend. Supporting Membership has a ton of great perks. Unlimited Recipes, Unlimited Brews, the ability to sync with iOS device and more. There will be five winners in this giveaway! You will be contacted directly to be told you've won.
Follow this link for complete rules of entry and the original announcement.
You have have till Sunday at midnight to get entered so don't delay!
From everyone at HomeBrewTalk and Brewer's Friend we wish you luck in the drawing!
I love the Critter Cutter. I ended up buying like 5 of them and using them as stocking stuffers. I have one, my daughter, best friend, brother in law...
I, for one, was intrigued and created an account on Brewer's Friend so I could play with the main brew calculator. I am pleasantly surprised at how nice it is. I found it very easy to set up my recipe, correct it to meet what I expect my all grain efficiency will be, work out mash and batch sparge number, etc. I found few things were confusing, but I am very new (about to attempt my first all grain) so I can't criticise intelligently.
I like it enough that I will spring for the full membership!
Thanks for brining it to my attention with this giveaway.