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Jul 4, 2014
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Was at work and had the idea: on the way to the carboy, can I filter the the wort with a Shinhwa (pictures top) or through a oil frier oil filter (bottom)? I have a feeling too much silt will clog the paper filter. Or should I just buy an in-line filter to hook up to my pump?

Note: normally I wouldn’t care but I’m doing my first wet hopped ale and I watch to catch whatever I don’t get from the whirlpool

Thank you


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I use a Brewers Hardware wort filter/strainer after my pump (from the BK) and before my plate chiller to prevent clogging the chiller. Even with a whirlpool I have more hop matter going through the loop to NOT use the strainer. At least so far (made an adjustment to the kettle whirlpool fitting last session, seems to have reduce the amount of hop matter going through the system).

Keep in mind, anything on the cold side needs to be sanitized before contact with the wort. Using what you're showing leaves it open to things dropping into it, that you might not want. Then again, if you're chilling with an IC, you've already had the kettle wide open during the chill time (unless you cover it).

Personally, I wouldn't worry about some 'wet hops' getting into the fermenter. A decent whirlpool will put the majority into the middle of the BK. Which means what little gets into the fermenter shouldn't really be any concern.

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