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Mar 11, 2007
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What are some possible reasons for an FG that is higher than anticipated? Does it have to do with the yeast, mashing/sparging procedures, type of water, grain bill?

I brewed a few of PMs that had about 6lbs of grain and 3lbs DME. The mash was single infusion at 153-155 degrees, for 60 minutes. I double batch sparged (was unable to get the sparge temp up to 170) and fermented at about 66-68 degrees using Nottinham Yeast. OG turned out to be about 1.044 and FG would only come down to 1.020.

The grain bill was 3.5lbs base malt and the rest was a combo of Biscuit and Munich.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.
It could be lots of things. How did you aerate before pitching? Is your thermometer calibrated? How long did you wait until you hit 1.020? Have you used this same DME before with better results?

I have also struggled with high FG's, but they have gotten better since I started aerating more.
1) Is it done fermenting, leave it for another week and recheck your gravity
2) Calibrate your thermometer; Calibrate your hydrometer
3) DME can have alot of unfermentables depending on the brand
4) Aeration less likely given your starting gravity and assuming you proof your dry yeast properly