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Jan 19, 2008
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Philadelphia, PA
Last night I racked my batch of Munton's Irish stout to a secondary (It was in the primary for 8 days) The instructions said the final gravity should remain constant below 1.008. My reading was 1.022 at 73°. Is this something to be concerned about? I broke my hydrometer druing brewing, so no OG reading :mad: I pretty much followed the recipe but with the addition of 1/4 coffee grounds when the wort was cooling. I rehydrated the yeast before I pitched it, and by the following morning the airlock was chugging along @ 1bubble/second. It did seem to slow down a bit by the following day. It it possible that the fermentation is stuck??
Yes it is possible.

1008 is to low for a stout IMO but 1022 is way too high. Is this the first reading ou took? If so give it 3 days more and try again.
Muntons extract is fairly fermentable.. I wouldn't be surprised if it finishes dry. Really your FG will depend on what your OG was and the attenuation rate of the yeast. I mean if your OG was 1.040 then 1.008 is totally normal. Likewise, if the OG was 1.090 then 1.022 would be totally normal.

What was the recipe? If it was a small beer and you used something like Nottinghams... I could see it chewing through 30 points of sugars in ~2 days.