FG and amount in carboy question

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Dec 31, 2006
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I took a reading from my Bass clone that has been in the primary for about 12 days. It was between 1008-1010, and the Nottingham ale yeast I used states that 1008 is about on target. Would I be ok bottling this tomorrow? I havent seen any bubbler activity either.

I also did a 5gal batch and I see now that the beer is a couple inches below the 5gal mark on my 6.5carboy. Is it ok to still use the 3/4cup of corn sugar at bottling, or will it be too sugary? Thanks for any tips as usual!
no secondary then?

leave it another week to clear...even two weeks is fine.

IMO Bass isn't dark enough to cover up a cloudy brew, so give it time to clarify prior to bottling. if anything you'll have less sediment in your bottles.