Fermenting With Ground Cereal Included?

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Apr 18, 2018
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I've hunted around regarding this topic for a bit, and all I get is info on non-consumable end products.

I have a beer I produced for a school project (production of fuel grade ethanol) where all the grain solids are included in the fermentation, wheat in this case. It's about 2 litres of liquid all told, I just did it in a milk jug, and everything was thoroughly rinsed and sanitized. I hopped it with 2.5 g of Hallertau in the hopes that it might produce something I could at least turn into a radler, and my yeast was 7.5 g of Safale S-04. It's been in there since the 5th of April.

What kind of off flavors should I expect to run into with this? Will it be fit for any sort of consumption, or should I be calling this a loss?