fermenting orange juice

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Jul 10, 2008
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Eastern Wisconsin
I am reporting on my experiment with fermenting orange juice.
Last summer I tried using 2 cans orange juice concentrate with 1/2 c of dme for 1 gallon batch - I was going for a sort of orange malt beverage. Last time I posted about this, it was horrid. A vomit taste for sure. I stuck it in the back of my wine cellar and let it sit until now. When I opened it I could smell a nice orange aroma. Tasted it and it is very bitter with slight vomit taste. Really not very nice. I added alittle sugar to see if it was better, but NOT.

It is 7 months old - I don't think it will improve. I'll have to dump it where the dogs can't roll in it.

Sorry Dan of Earth - I don't think you'll be very happy with yours - but keep us posted.