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Jan 31, 2009
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central wisconsin
I have kolsch that has been in the primary for 11 days and still bubbling about once every 35 - 40 seconds, is it normal for this to take this long. can I just go ahead and rack to secondary and cool it down now or waite? I started at 75 degres for 12 hours until fermentaion got going good then had put a blow off tube in it because it was coming out the air lock after 12 hour I cooled down to 58 -60 degres and has been there since allso it still has kraeusen on top
O.G = 1.051 now it is 1.010
yeast= wyeast act2565
It's not abnormal, in my limited experience, for the activity to go on for a while like that. I brewed my first ever batch of kolsch a month back and it acted just like you describe. I used Wyeast 1007. I had to attach a blowoff on the second day and it was burping and farting up a storm for a week then kept bubbling off and on for another week.

It looks like you have reached your FG so I see no reason why you could not move forward, but if it were me I would probably wait another week and let the yeast have some more time to clean things up. I have been leaving my beer in the primary for 3 weeks with noticable improved results.

I've fermented two beers with wyeast kolsch yeast. One was a higher gravity, fermented at about 65, and it bubbled on and on. The other was session strength, fermented at 58, and it also bubbled for quite some time. Take another gravity reading in a few days to see if it has changed. If yes, keep waiting. If no, give it another 3 or 4 days, then you're good to rack.
It's not unusual at all. Right now I have an IPA that's still happily bubbling after more than two weeks in primary. Yeast follows its own schedule, and we, as brewers, don't have much choice but to be patient until the yeast decides to call it quits. I'd leave it in the primary for a week after fermentation is done before racking it.