Fermenting a Westvleteren 8 clone (free rising question)

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Jul 30, 2013
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I have a Westy 8 clone attempt lined up.

I intend to ferment with a semi open (loosely fitting screw top lid) 30L fermenter for a 12 L batch to minimize back pressure/provide favorable fermenter geometry. I will rack the beer to keg for lagering for a month as soon as it finishes up to get it off the yeast in an attempt to preserve esters. After which going to naturally carbonate with sugar and additional yeast (1530)

I was planning to pitch at 20C and let it free rise, I don't want to use active cooling on the fermenter to avoid 1530 crashing out (which is a thing i have experienced first hand before). Instead I was going to put the ITC probe free floating close to the fermenter (but not touching_ and set the chamber temp to a fixed temp to curtail the temperature increase, ideally to 29C at peak. I will monitor the temp of the beer via the thermowell.

Has anyone done something similar before and if so what temperature did you use for ambient for the free rise. I recently did a saison that I wanted to finish at 30C and had to actively heat that, but 1530 might be a different monster. Also this is a small batch for a mini keg, so that might also me a variable.