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Mar 11, 2005
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Can you use a chest freezer with a digital temp controller to ferment Ale's in the 70F range? I have been using the foamboard cooler with ice jugs and it works great but I want to do two carboys at once so I was thinking of getting a chest freezer (7 cubic foot) and putting in the garage with a digital temp controller...just not sure if I can keep the temp that high with this kind of setup.
Also, can you drill a hole in the wall or lid for the temp controllers probe or do I just shut the lid on the cord?

First off get the biggest freezer you can, you'll end up using all the space you have.
The way to ferment ales in the 70s is if the outside temp is warmer.
You don't need to drill a hole, just shut the lid.
It's real simple what he is trying to get across here.
Auh! just exactly what are you trying to get across here..hmmmmm!