Fermentation Suprise and pH

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Aug 7, 2005
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Pasadena, CA
In my latest mead brewing session I took a reading of the pH and found it was 4.8, and my target is 3.8 so I added an ounce of Malic Acid. It was way too much as the pH came out to be around 3.1

So I added calcium carbonate until I was at perfectly 3.8.

How will this effect the flavor/fermentation?

Also 4 days after pitching the carboy was glurging at about once every six seconds. I found a packet of yeast that matched the yeast I pitched so I threw it in. Not 5 minutes later the airlock is blown off and you can literally see the mead ferment.

Did I pitch a bad batch of yeast initially? Or are there larger forces at play?