Fermentation/Kegerator Fridge: Daewoo fr-147

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It appears to have a freezer section up top which would get in the way. The Sanyo does not have the freezer section.
Yeah I've had the Sanyo for years and it's great. I'm wanting to buy two or three more for fermentation but want a cheaper option. I wonder if that freezer shelf can be removed? It doesn't have an ice maker so maybe that would be possible.
From the pictures I've seen, the shelf for the freezer looks similar to the Frigidaire model (LFPH44M4LM) which can be removed. I'm interested in converting this fridge into a kegerator, so let me know if you find anything out and I'll do the same. They aren't in stock at my local Fry's (Phoenix), so I'd have to order one and hope for the best. Thanks.
I know someone already asked this (2 years ago....), but I found one of these for $40 on CL and was wondering if you were successful in converting the Daewoo.