Fermentation causes HEAT???

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Sep 29, 2007
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Greensboro, GA
Brewed a AHB London Porter last night and everything went smooth but I noticed that while it sits next to a wheat that's in secondary at 71 degrees, the porter is tipping the scales at a blistering 76 degrees. That's at the end of the high side of the scale. Do I need to move this outside to cool off till activity slows down, or is this normal and nothing to worry about. This is only my second batch and I don't recall this happening with the wheat batch a week and a half ago.


Edit: by the way, ambient temp in the room is 72.6
Yep, during the active phase of fermentation, it can generate as much as a 10 degree F. difference from ambient.
It is a bit hot, but not to bad, at that temp you may make fusel alcohols which will make the beer taste "hot" either move it to a cooler spot or put a wet t shirt around it. You don't need to drop it down too cold, depending on the yeast, ideal would be between 60 and 70.
I opened the window that it sits under, outside temp is 55 right now. That should help, without me sloshing it around.


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