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Oct 20, 2004
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Menomonee Falls WI
What do you guys think of the fermentaps, the things that urn your carboy into a conical? I know you can't move the carboy around when you use them but make it easier to get the trub off the bottom.

Also do they fit a 6.5 gal carboy?
Yeah you theoretically wouldn't have to rack to secondary and could easily collect yeast for re-use too.

I've never used one because they look scary to me. I really hate breaking carboys full of beer.

I have heard from people who use them that the shoulder of a carboy is not steeply sloped enough and a lot of yeast/trub ends up perched on the shoulder of the carboy and you can't get it out. Still, I imagine it helps.

I don't know. I have thought about it, but it seemed kind of a hassle for little gain. Someone on here must have one, though. Cheers! :D
I don't understand how conicals work...how do you get the trub and yeast out? I understand it collects at the bottom, but how do you remove it without dumping your beer at the same time? Do you just let it out a little bit, real fast or something? And when you open it up, air has got to get in...doesn't that disturb the trub? I know when someone explains it, I'll feel stupid, but I just don't get it.
I bought one years ago. I used it once years ago. I have thought about cleaning it off and using it, but haven't. As I remember, it wasn't that easy to use. Not worth the purchase price if you ask me.
I tried one once. It worked fine until it was time to rack. The valve got clogged when I tried to dump the trub. It ended in quite a headache. I think the valve they use is a bit too small for the application. Or maybe I just did something wrong.....