fermenation lock instead of blow-by tube....a mess

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Jan 6, 2007
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Las Vegas
I had a fermentation lock on my 6.5 gallon carboy for the first day and a half of fermentation. I planned on putting a blow-by tube to avoid a mess. Well, it turns out I was too late by about 8-10 hours. I quickly pulled the airlock off cleaned the top quickly and re-installed a blow-by tube. Have any of you had this happen where it effected your finished beer? I'm keeping my fingers crossed hoping I didn't just ruin my batch by making a mistake on something as simple as a hose vs. an airlock.
RDWHAHB the brew will most likely be fine. Many many people have had to change from an airlock to a blow off tube.
I use a blowoff tube for all beers in my primary. It's easy to do, and is a good insurance policy against a big mess.

+1 on the above - if you were practicing good sanitation, your beer will likely be fine.