Fermaid o and off taste.

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Nov 26, 2021
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So I know most of you say the fermaid o doesn't add off flavor but I would have to disagree, I just test tasted some mead and they did ferment very well but it tastes like the stuff on the shelf in the stores. I also thought maybe its because it fermented higher ABV but I remember a mead I made that got up to 20% ABV without nutrient and it tasted great after 2 months but now after using fermaid o it tastes bitter and exactly like the stuff from the shelf at liquor stores, I will try using dead yeast as nutrients next time and maybe fruit but I have been reading that alot of you mead vets say fruits do not have enough nutrient to get it above 10% 12% ABV. I also just remember I have another mead that is only 12% right now and it tastes way better then the mead I just tasted that is 13% 14% and had fermaid o added to it. I also have a friend who makes mead and has a bit more experience then me and he uses fermaid o and I remember his having that off bitter tastes as well but again I will try other nutrients and see if its just me or the fermaid o but I am certain fermaid o is giving it the undesirable taste.
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Oct 24, 2015
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I agree Fermaid-O in higher ABV meads and of course more Fermaid-O can give some off flavors. I use Fermaid-O and DAP. But again occasoonally can causevsome issues.

Depending on your protocol and when you add it can have a huge affect as well. Have had really good luck using the TOSNA 3.0 merhod and calculators.


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Apr 24, 2021
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This is an interesting read...
Tailored Additions of Nutrients With Go-ferm (TANG 2.0)

Investigates how some protocols, or should I say some calculator's may over proscribe the amounts, especially in smaller (1gal) batches. This is mostly aiming at excess Go Ferm, but that would cause similar "nute flavor" issues.

Bench Trials

A couple more articles in that section cover the issue in more depth, though still focusing on Go Ferm type products, or Ferm K, but still might be helpful in avoiding such. Overdosing with whatever you use would cause issues, I would think.

I haven't seen a study yet on just Ferm O taste influence...