Fellowship of the Drink XIII: Nightmare on Doug Street

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Nov 8, 2016
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Fellowship of the Drink XIII: Nightmare on Doug Street

Welcome to Round XIII of the Fellowship of the Drink swap! (if this looks and reads familiar I copied it from the last round, thank you kind sirs)

This is a beer swap for members of the continental US to allow you to try some beers from outside your region. Every participant picks a few beers as their offer and then we devise a draw order and go down the list until everyone has picked an offer to receive.

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So how does it work?

1. If you're interested in participating, post your interest in this thread!
2. Once you're confirmed as a participant I will keep a running list, the order in which you sign up will correlate to your number in the random number generator. You should PM me a photo of your offering along with a link to something like beer advocate/ratebeer/untappd for each beer so that others can get an idea what they are.
3. A few days before the drawing I will post a full list of all the offerings and photos.
4. On the day before the pick I'll use a randomizer to create a drawing order. I will post a time for each participant that you are "On the Clock" with 5 minutes between participants.
5. If you are not going to be around for the pick send me a pick list order so that I can put your pick in for you.
6. On pick day log in at your time slot to submit your pick. If you sent me a pick list I'll cover you. If you fail to send a list or show up you go to the end of the line.

Rules, there must be rules..
- Continental US residents only
- Must be of legal drinking age (I feel dumb having to actually type that, but prefer not to risk getting thumped by Yooper)
- I am going to leave the maximum cap about 25, subject to change if there is the interest!

- Participants must also meet 1 of the following 4 requirements:
1) A HBT member for 6 months and minimum of 2 iTrader rating. All trades must be 100% positive.
2) A HBT member for 6 months and 0 or 1 iTrader 100% positive rating, but trading experience verified by a qualified FotD participant.
3) A previous FotD participant.
4) Or just PM me with your personal trading experience, and I will decide from there.

-The final rule is the participant must give feedback on itrader of their experience.

Offer Guidelines

- Each offering should be at least 3-6 cans or bottles of commercial beer, preferably local to the sender, but please no more than 86oz total in the pictured offering.
- Each offering must also contain at least 1 non-beer item; glassware, stickers, coozies, etc of a local brewery you can get creative.
- You additionally may also offer some homemade beverages with the commercial offerings (we all love trying homebrew, let's be honest).
- Whales are not required or expected. Myself included most participants are very happy trying beers they may have never even known existed from small breweries local to you. Let's think about those untappd tings.
- Guidelines are just that, guidelines. Final shipments may, and many times do, exceed the offering posted. Extras are not required.

Offers from the first 11 rounds:
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Current Timeline (subject to change if by popular demand)
Wednesday, July 11 - Create thread for Round XIII
Sunday, July 29 - All photos & final submissions due
Monday, July 30 - List of offers posted by 11:59pm EST. Order of picks revealed via random drawing exactly 7pm EST.
Sunday, August 5 - Pick day. 1st pick will be 2:00pm EST. All others will be in a 5min interval, contingent upon the rules above.

Let me know if you have any questions!
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In...box is packed!!

Any chance we can do it on a saturday or Sunday evening after 7:30pm CST? Love to participate...otherwise I'm at work and it's hit or miss.
Any chance we can do it on a saturday or Sunday evening after 7:30pm CST? Love to participate...otherwise I'm at work and it's hit or miss.

I'd be OK with it. I wouldn't have a problem with Sunday evening. I don't know about any of these other savages.
List of Participants:
1. JamesonFan
2. imasickboy
3. baldm79
4. PianoMan
5. TwistedGray
6. jimyson
7. orionol73
8. TravelingLight
9. fourfarthing
10. afro_lou
11. CTownBrewer
12. GaBrewZoo
13. EcuPirate07