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Bitter Reality Brewing
Apr 15, 2015
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I started brewing Dec 2014 and use to post but prefer to just read a LOT and learn. I love brewing and it helps me a great deal with stress (health related) as I am very passionate about brewing and learning new things related the brewing process.

I am simply looking for feedback from fellow brewers especially new brewers as that is my target audience - Good, Bad, Indifferent. So far I do know I there are a few issues with audio in a few videos but working to fix that in upcoming videos but still appreciate any useful feedback. The reason I am targeting new brewers is I have lots of friends that tried brewing but gave up too soon and I've gotten many of them excited again about getting back into the hobby with a few loving it now. I think home brewing can be very rewarding but it can also be very intimidating especially when you are the new kid. I think some of us fellow home brewers scare new brewers with way too much info upfront, instead of reassuring them and telling the to simply enjoy the learning experience.

Thank you very much,