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Oct 7, 2015
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I'm about to enclose my electric brewing cabinet and I wanted to put the basic wiring out there for just a quick double check. I probably should have gone with a turn-key kit, but I enjoy electrical work and small carpentry projects. Attached is a picture of the setup. Power is coming to it via an extension cord from across the basement.

I have a main brew area that will be around 56" x 24" countertop with cabinets underneath, and also a space for drawers on the right. On the upper right is panel, with space behind for electrical boxes/connections, switches on the right interior wall, and convenience outlets in the main space just above where the countertop will go, lighting above and also space for a bathroom exhaust fan that I need removable just in case I want to move it to another part of the basement (and need to get it under an I-beam). I have hot/cold water about 5' away (old washer hook ups, washer/dryer since moved upstairs), a 4" exhaust through the wall (from dryer), and a utility sink. I put water hookups and drain on the back wall of it for convenience and to avoid too many hoses in the brewing area. I put it on casters so I can get behind it if I need to and clean. I didn't want to build it onto the wall because I struggle with permanence.

I had been doing a simple all grain on an outdoor burner (gravity, 10 gal cooler for mash tun, etc.). Right now I'm just looking to move from gas to electrical. Any feedback on the electrical would be appreciated.



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