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Jan 18, 2020
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South Bend
I always appreciate the recipe feedback I get on this forum.

Still chasing the perfect IPA, by which I mean the one that best matches my tastes. I like a good jolt of bitterness, but not at palate-destroying levels. I'm looking for stone fruit/tropical fruit flavors. I want to taste the malt as well as the hops, and would like a touch of malt sweetness. I'd prefer a clear beer. Oh, and I need to ferment at ~58 F, because my chest freezers are full, and that's the temperature in my garage.

I'm brewing today using ingredients on hand, though I do have a lot of ingredients on hand. I'd like to use Nectaron, because Nectaron is awesome and I have a bunch, but I've got other hops than BRU-1 that could go with it: Strata, Sabro, Talus, Harlequin, Lotus, and probably a few more hiding somewhere in the freezer.

For a 2.5-gallon batch, I'm thinking:

2.25 lbs pale ale
1.25 lbs. Vienna
1 lbs. white wheat
1 lbs. flaked barley
0.25 lbs. Caravienne (10 L)

3 g Magnum (15.1%) @ 60
14 g Nectaron (11%) @ 10
7 g BRU-1 LUPOMAX (18%) @ 10
14 g Nectaron (11%) hop stand @ 160 F
7 g BRU-1 LUPOMAX (18%) @ hop stand @ 160 F
28 g Nectaron (11%) @ dry hop -2 days
14 g BRU-1 LUPOMAX (18%) @ dry hop -2 days

(Calculated 40 IBU)

W34/70 (I also have K97 and Koln)

Cl 200/SO4 75


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Mar 10, 2021
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You said you prefer clear beers. Have you brewed that before and had issues with it clearing up?

If so, then you might nix the dry hopping and stuff those in at flameout instead. I make a clone of the BrewDog Punk IPA (1st version) that seems plenty hoppy to me and will clear up very nicely.

Don't know what to say about the 59°F temps though. I do my 2.5 and smaller batches inside where it's 69°F. A unused 1/2 bath off the laundry room makes a good place. And I can turn on the exhaust fan if smells get annoying. But so far they haven't.