Favourite Windsor yeast recipe

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May 20, 2012
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Here's mine:

Name: Vanilla Voodoo Gypsy Curse

Recipe specifics:

Style: Mild

Batch size: 23.0 l
Boil volume: 29.0 l
OG: 1.044
FG: 1.017
Bitterness (IBU): 23.5
Color (SRM): 19.2
ABV: 3.6%


2.00 kg Pale Ale (Castle Malting), 46.5%
1.00 kg Munich (Castle Malting), 23.3%
0.50 kg Melanoidin (Castle Malting), 11.6%
0.50 kg Crystal 150 EBC (Castle Malting), 11.6%
0.20 kg Café Light (Castle Malting), 4.7%
0.10 kg Chocolat (Castle Malting), 2.3%


30.00 g Kent Golding (AA 5.1%, Pellet) 60 min, 17.6 IBU
20.00 g Kent Golding (AA 5.1%, Pellet) 15 min, 5.8 IBU

Wort Chiller & Irish Moss, 1.0 unit(s), boil 10 min
Danstar Windsor, 1.0 unit(s), Yeast
Vanilla Pod, 2.0 unit(s), Flavor Empty pods into whiskey to sterilize (soak/stir for 1 minute) before adding to bottling bucket.
Whiskey, 2 cl, use as little as possible to sterilize the vanilla. Aim for no bugs yet no whiskey aroma/flavour in the finished beer.

Recipe Notes:

Mash low for Windsor - in spite the low OG, consider the amount of specialty grains. 60°C is not too low for Windsor to still end high enough.

Batch Notes:

Brewday March 2, 2014
Mashed at 62°C in 12 liters, mashout added 9 liter boiling, brought up to 75°C, drained and added 12 liters at 85°C, drained and boiled as per recipe. Originally calculated with 25 liters at OG 1.037 and 70% eff. Ended up collecting only 23 liters but OG=1.044. Left it like that (no top-up), and presume Windsor will poop out early enough to still be in mild territory as far as abv is concerned.
Rehydrated in 35°C, and after 30 mins, pitched Windsor into non-aerated wort at 18°C. Did not aerate, but low OG and fermenting at 18°C will minimize ester prod.
Bottleday March 7
Caramelized 70g sugar, targeting 1.7 volumes co2. Boilt the caramel in 300 ml water.
Steeped 2 vanilla pods - which were slit open, emptied and sliced in shorter pieces - in 1 dl whiskey. Added all to bottling bucket, stirred with sterilized spoon and bottled.
Taste March 10
Carbonation absent, hmmm, what did I read about caramelized sugar not being fermentable... give it some more time and hope it's just a matter of time.. But the very clear/transparent aspect indicates the yeast are done.
Nose: Caramel, malt and vanilla. No hop aroma. Some fresh, fruity yeast.
Mouth: caramel malt and vanilla, no hop flavour, medium body, sweetness vs. hop bitterness balanced to the sweet side.
This beer has much more body and mouthfeel than its modest 3.6% abv would indicate - what I aimed for. Shame about the carbonation.
Taste March 13
Some more carbonation, but still lacking. No head even though poured at ambient room temp.
Taste April 1
Carbonation now near perfect, delicious malty, caramel & vanilla, in perfect harmony with hop bitterness and residual sweetness. And what a surprisingly, crystal clear brown ale this is. Brew this again! The vanilla really has its place in this ale.






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May 20, 2012
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Please check out castlemalting.com, for specifications on the malt I used. I'm sure you can find something equivalent to cafe light at your LHBS.