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Dec 15, 2018
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I've to date primarily used Mr. Beer HME kits with and without steeped grains with some good results. Wondering if there any other brands worth trying here in US?
HME kits: Hopped Malt Extract.

Muntons has/had a couple of hopped dry malt extract products. Over the years, I've seen it (for a while) at various US-based online stores.
Any experience in using them?
coopers diy beer is the parent company. of mr beer and has the freshest hme available here in the states. Often fresher than Mr. beer cause they tend to sit on shelves I don’t have proof but I’d say Cooper’s has a bigger turnover than Mr. beer but that’s just my opinion. HME availabilities extremely limited in the US cause it’s not as popular as say Australia or the UK . Recently a Canadian company just increased their muntains inventory a lot . I’ll shoot you a private message. they ship to us.

wait til they have sales

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