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In order to help us kick off the 4th and get the word out about their latest brewing innovation, the guys over at FastRack have donated one of their new FastFerment, and this giveaway is open to all. Follow the link at the bottom of this article for complete rules of entry, and to enter. This is a great opportunity from a great Sponsor, don't miss out!
Check out the video here: http://www.thefastrack.ca/main/fastferment
With a little more on this new system, and all it entails, here's a little from the folks at FastRack themselves.

Well the FastRack Team is at it again and this time it looks like they have a real "Game Changer" in the pipeline! The FastFerment conical fermenter is a redesign of the V-Vessel system, which has been around for more than a decade.
Everyone Can Brew
The brand new FastFerment conical fermenter is the solution that the homebrewing and winemaking industry needs. For years, people who wanted to brew wine and beer have been bogged down with the excessive work involved in transferring and racking into multiple containers along with long hours spent cleaning the equipment. In addition, traditional pail and carboy systems take up too much space and time and often create inconsistent batches because of sediment and oxygen exposure.
FastFerment's "Holy Grail" design is a revolutionary system enables primary and secondary fermentation to happen in the same vessel which results in guaranteed consistent batches. The finished product is of high quality because of less sediment contamination and less exposure to oxygen. FastFerment is a space saver! It is a turnkey conical fermenter starter kit that produces the best homebrew and wine with the least amount of work at an affordable price.
The FastRack team, who is launching FastFerment, has made a substantial global impact since launching FastRack 18 months ago with FastRack currently sold in over 30 countries in 1000+ stores. "It's been a wild ride! Now we are setting an even loftier goal of doubling the number of homebrewers and winemakers worldwide from 5 million to 10 million by 2020!" states co-founder, Casey Binkley.
With the FastFerment presale off to a good start in the homebrew and wine communities, it is only a matter of time before the product appeals to the masses. Homebrewing and winemaking produces some of the best beverage products and provides a fun, affordable, social hobby for adult's young and old.
"FastFerment is going to be a launch pad for new brewers and winemakers coming into the industry. The age old bucket and carboy system is just not cutting it anymore for the modern homebrewer," states co-founder, Mitchell Lesbirel.
The story goes like this...
John, the inventor of the V-Vessel, contacted us 8 months ago regarding the product and working out some sort of partnership. We did our research on the product and within a few days compiled 100s of postings from all over the internet.
We knew the system had great potential and we formed a partnership with John (he is a fellow Canadian who lives 45 minutes away from us in Toronto, Eh!). We then starting making as many improvements as possible and the Thermowell improvement was decided on a trip to visit our major European partner Brouwland in Belgium.
In addition, the flat bottom on the larger collection ball came from someone at the NHC who visited our booth in Michigan. All the improvements we have made are from homebrewers and clubs. We wanted to make it as awesome as possible at the most affordable price. We think we are on the right track but if anyone has ideas, suggestions or feedback we are all ears!

More information on FastFerment and the $90 presale with shipping included can be found at: http://www.thefastrack.ca/main/fastferment
The team as already committed to give 5 FastFerments to HomeBrewTalk.com "Big Giveaway" that happens each year. Get ready for it!
Please send any questions or comments to: [email protected] - We'd love to hear from you!
The FastRack Team
Website: www.TheFastRack.ca
Here's the link to enter.
From everyone at FastRack and HomeBrewTalk.com we wish you a safe and happy holiday and good luck in the contest!
@crazyirishman34 I preordered two. If they were 15 gallon, if have ordered 4.