Family bottling night

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Dec 3, 2004
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West coast of FL
My son and a friend of his (both 17) are very intrigued by the brewing process. When it came time to bottle tonight they both showed up to help and learn. We spent the whole time talking about brewing and they had a ton of questions, starting with, "I have to wash my hands before we start, right?" The best question of the evening was from the friend who wanted to know "When do you add the alcohol?" so we had to discuss fermentation 101. A rather pleasant bottling experience for a change, I filled and they capped. :D
I am 17 :D

These are my brews so far:



OSH clone:


And im doing my first AG tomorrow.

Edit: Wish my dad were just a TINY bit intrested... :(
Edit 2: My first ag went perfect, aimed for 1.050 and hit that perfectly
That's great that you're brewing with your kid. I get mine to help me bottle as well. My son hands me empties and my daughter caps the full ones. They also play a very important part in my drinking. I call home each afternoon and remind them to restock my beer shelf from the supply in the barn. I've been sending them after beer since they were very small. They'd get a quarter per beer and could distinguish between brands by the time they were four and five. I assured my wife that they were learning a trade that would get them through college. The world needs more bartenders.