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Feb 4, 2008
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I started an Extract IPA on Feb 9 and the next morning i had a serious blowoff problem. to be expected i guess. for some reason I transfered to the secondary on Feb 13th. i think i was worried about contamination from all the cleanup, and contact with the air it had?? i don't know, i just did. I also added the hop pellets on the 13th. I've been keeping my eye on the bung and it's been bubbling quite a bit...does this mean it's still fermenting? I was thinking the dry hops were in for enough time so this morning i transfered again to another glass carboy thinking that maybe if i separated the hops that it may settle down?? i checked the gravity today and it's at 1.010...i think it started at 1.065.
I'm not sure if i am being impatient but i feel like i should be bottling this soon...though I've never done a recipe that started with 10 lbs of extract either...

what should my next step be? and what have i done wrong up till now?? thanks :)
Feb 3, 2008
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Eastern Colorado
If all is well...Smells good, Looks good, probably is good.
If you are at 1.01, You are done, or close to done fermenting. part of My IPA (From the 8th) was bottled on the 15th, and the other part was set in glass until the 23rd, then bottled. They are both good, getting nice carb from the short half, but I will wait next time. (I was getting close to going to store bought).
You should be fine. THERE IS NO RUSH! From what you have said, I would wait till the weekend then bottle! This will give time to condition a bit and finish any business that the yeast has left.:mug: