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Jan 10, 2007
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Anchorage, AK
I'm an all grain brewer who only brewed 4 batches before making the jump. I feel so far removed that i need help with an amber recipe for a friend who is just starting to brew.

He said he's got a can of amber extract and has no idea if it's hopped. So here's what i'm thinking....

1 can amber
1 can pale
.5#crystal 60

I don't know if the amber is hopped but even if it is i will treat it as negligable.

.5oz Cascade (60 min)
1oz Cascade (15 min)
1oz Cascade (0 min)

US -5

is this going to work or will it be too dark. Will the specialty grains work?
I think it'll be fine, and both you and your friend will be proud of the result.

The only change I would make is to replace the tin of Amber with a tin of Light. At that point, I'd up the 60L crystal to 12 oz and add in 4 oz of 120L.

Brew it like you wrote it and let us know how it turned out!

You think the carapils should stay? That combined with the crystal makes for a lot of cara, doesn't it? I'd replace it with an ounce of black patent, roasted barley, or chocolate.

Bob knows his stuff though.
what do you mean by a lot of cara? I thought the crystal would be for some sweetness and color and the carapils would be for head retention and mouth feel
Crystal malts are sometimes also referred to as caramel malt. I'm just worried about how sweet the beer might be.

From All About Grains 101

Carapils (Dextrin Malt)
Dextrins lend body, mouthfeel and palate fullness to beers, as well as foam stability. Carapils must be mashed with pale malt, due to its lack of enzymes. Use 5 to 20% for these properties without adding color or having to mash at higher temperatures.
Some brewers dislike the almost cloying sweetness that high amounts (10%) of Dextrin malt contributes.
Medium Crystal (Caramel Malt) 60 L
This Crystal malt is well suited to all beer recipes calling for crystal malt and is a good choice if you're not sure which variety to use. 5 to 15% of 60 L Crystal malt will lend a well rounded caramel flavor, color and sweetness to your finest Ales.