extra wort as hummingbird food?

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Apr 8, 2008
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anyone used the drainings from the mash tun (3.5 plato) as hummingbird food?
Interesting idea BUT the wort will turn sour within a few hours or a couple days without any hops as a preservative....Lactobasilus and Aecetobactor just loves our un hopped, un yeastied wort.
hummingbird food doesn't last a few days at my house. I could pressure can it quickly and fill up the feeders from that. The birds will drain a feeder in under two days at a slow pace. Sometimes they get hyper and drain more than one feeder in under 24 hours. crazy for such little buggers.

maybe I can just use it as a base for the regular powdered bird nectar and have extra-happy birds.
If you get a wild yeast strain you could end up with some drunk birds:drunk:

How about adding a bit of potassium sorbate or other natural preservative.
i did it by accident once.

i have a ton of humming birds at my place, and was vorlaufing when my phone rang. ran inside to get it, came back out, and a humming bird was hovering right above my full pitcher of wort.

needless to say, i didn't put those few quarts back into the mash tun
You could boil the wort, cool it, then put it in a clean feeder. Although, 3.5 P seems woefully short of what nectar would be. I would think you would need to add quite a bit of sugar to it to make it worth the birds energy. They would probably burn more flying there eating it then they would be getting from it.
yeah, probably just use it as a base so they get the extra boost. All I'd do with this otherwise is pitch it out on the yard where it would go to waste.
Does the powdered stuff I use for their food now have preservatives in it? I'll have to check if I remember tonight.
3.6P is way to thin for the hummers to bother with. They will be looking for something closer to 20P. Not sure if they would care for the flavor but may be less picky during a dearth.

maybe I'll just collect it in summer and water my tomatos with it. I hear tales from some growers that pouring sugar on the ground helps them.

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