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Jan 13, 2009
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Volo, IL (NW suburb of Chicago)
Working on 3rd batch here. I basically just tried to refine my technique of the 2nd batch as I enjoyed it so much. I did a few things differently, like reducing the temp of the wort to a pitchable range much more quickly with a ice water bath, I strained from brew kettle to fermenter. I ended up pitching the yeast within 1.5 hours from the initial boil @ 76F. This is the same temp I pitched the last batch, but this time I didn't let it naturally cool overnight to this temp. This is a relatively high OG at 1.082. The last batch was slow to show its most vigorous portion of the cycle. This batch began to show CO2 bubbling in the airlock the very next morning and it has been so vigorous that it has made its way into the airlock the previous three days so far. Each time I have removed the airlock, resanitized it and returned it to its place. This is the same yeast, same ingredients (double the Styrian Goldings). I did use only 2 gallons of water in the brew kettle due to learning of head room problems @ 3 gallons the previous batch (boil over sure is messy!) Any thoughts or words of advice are greatly appreciated as always :mug:

One other technique that was different was the top off to 5 gallons, I used the spray head to add the water instead of gently pouring it gallon by gallon. My thought was this would aerate the wort more effectively before I pitched the yeast. This raised a head on the wort that I let subside some before pitching the yeast.


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Jan 31, 2009
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if you're having trouble with krausen in your airlock, try using a blowoff tube - I use a stopper with a hole, a racking cane, and tubing which I run into a jar filled with water. Do a search for blowoff or blow-off or blow off and you'll find lots of info. Cheers,