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Feb 19, 2005
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hey guys i got my second batch into the primary and i was wonderingwhen i should start to using real recipes(now easy fellas my first two batches were kits). now that i got the process down i think its time. i have the equipment to do two at a time except i need another carboy but primarys i have the capability to do up to 4. but my question is should i wait or start buying in bulk?

plus i want a nice blond ale can anybody help?
I prefer finding a recipe online and then I just go buy the ingredients for it. Sometimes I have to buy a little more than needed, but that stuffs cheap usually. Then you get fresher ingredients. A site with lots of recipes is beertools.com. Click on recipes and you can find almost anything.

I say definately try it rather than kits. I also found that its cheaper to buy stuff seperate than buying kits3 out of the 4 brews ive made were from just buying the ingredients.

lotsa good recipes there to get you started.

they have em organized by beer type, then whether it's an extract brew, partial mash, or all grain.

read up on grain and hops and their different profiles and what they bring to your beer, then you can start crafting what you want your beer to taste like :)
Yeah, I would definately wait on bulk-buying until you try a couple batches. But don't fear leaving kits...I've done three batches and none were kits. It's very simple.
im not saying kits are bad but i feel to get the right beer for me a kit will not do it.