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Apr 6, 2009
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hi guys. this is my first post but have been reading the boards for a while. my buddy and i tried something kinda weird yesterday and wanted to see if any of you had tried something similar. if you have, how did it turn out?

we had just finished transferring a Chimay blue clone from the primary to the secondary and we were left with a quarter bucket of yeast sediment, leftover beer, etc. we decided to dump 4 gallons of apple juice inside to see if it made a good cider.

my partner is very skeptical, but i couldn't see a reason why it wouldn't turn out great. there's a ton of yeast in there so why not use it. if it does turn out good, i think we'll keep doing this for all our beers. it'll kinda make a cider version of every batch of beer we make.

btw. it took off in like 2 hours which i take as confirmation that i'm gonna get some pretty strong cider.

can't wait to hear from you all

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