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North Carolina Exchilerator Brutus Pro CFC for sale/trade for jaded/cuss immersion chiller

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Aug 26, 2021
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Western North Carolina
Hi all,
I have a Brutus Pro counterflow chiller from Exchilerator in like nearly perfect shape. I bought it and realized it's a bit more than I need. See details here: Brutus Pro Counterflow Wort Chiller | Exchilerator

Ideally, I'd trade for a Jaded Scilla or CUSS All-in-one, since my future plans involve an Anvil 10.5.

Brutus sells for $369 but happy to swap for a great quality immersion chiller and/or other bits, whatever gives us a fair deal.

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Bump with photos. This model has the twin tube copper internals. I've had a few questions about this, was unaware there was a stainless option.

$225 shipped, unless I can ship for less than $25, in which case, I'll refund that amount (example, costs $15 to ship, so I'd refund $10 difference of $225-$215). I want to "make" $200. $200 for local pickup in Brevard/Asheville WNC area.

Still willing to trade outright for Jaded Syclla or CUSS All-in-one. Would also consider trade for an all in one system, or a portion of and make up the difference in cash.


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Thanks for everyone that expressed interest. I'm not sure how to mark a listing as sold other than to comment at the bottom. If I figure it out, I will, or someone can tell me :D