Ex-Lax Kegging Moment (noob I am)

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Feb 1, 2009
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So I was force carbing my first keg - my Irish Red Ale - and we tapped it after a day or so of burst pressure at 35 PSI. It tasted great - not very carbed but great. SWMBO said it was like silk.

Then I kegged my stout and moved the CO2 to that keg. Not a huge problem, except that I left the tap (picnic) connected to the red ale with no CO2. I came back the next day & 1/2 or so... I figured the next draw would flush the lines and I'd be OK. But there was little to no pressure when releasing the CO2 valve... I realized the tap line must have allowed a slow leak.
I tasted today and I sense a small off flavor, but SWMBO still thinks it is great. Anyone else done this and know how badly it can affect the kegged beer?


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Feb 28, 2008
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Chico, CA
If this is a new kegerator with new lines, that off flavor might just be a new line taste. I noticed it too when I kegged my first batch. If you pour off a few ounces it's not quite so noticable, and most people don't notice it at all. It may take a couple weeks to flush out, but eventually it will fade. The strange thing is, I bought some new line a few weeks ago and had no problems with that taste. I'm thinking it's a manufacturing issue, and some lines have more residual plastics on them that get dissolved in the beer that sits in the line.

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